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SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. – Family members of a 15-year-old girl claim she was a victim of sex trafficking after she and 23-year-old man led police on a high-speed chase and shoot out.

Joshua Ray Hudson and the young teen were arrested after a 16-hour manhunt in Seminole County.

Officials say Hudson has a long criminal history and was accused in 2013 of using underage girls as prostitutes in an Edmond brothel.

Tad Bray says he’s tried everything to get his 15-year-old family member away from Hudson.

“She dropped out of school because drugs and stuff, and to be with him. She gave it all up for him and now they are both facing together over 40 charges,” said Bray.

Hudson was involved in a manhunt in Seminole County.

Investigators say Hudson and the 15-year-old fired shots at police.

“It’s very disturbing and I don’t think she was in her right mind,” said Bray.

He and his wife went to police for help but were told nothing could be done.

“Some of this stuff she was okay with because this is what Josh tells her, and this is how she thinks things are supposed to go. I think she needs help. I hate that she threw her life away,” said Ashley Hill.

Family members say they tried everything to get the teen away from Hudson, but say drugs and his control over her made it impossible.

“He would just hand it to her and tell her to sleep with this person,” said Hill.

Investigators say that mentality is a common part of human trafficking.

“Many times, they don’t see themselves as victims because it’s not like on television where they are snatched off the street and forced at gunpoint to do this.  Many are trying to feed an addiction and often times, they see it as quick cash. Some of them are seeking attention and maybe for the first time in their life at 15-years-old they have people that appreciate them and they are making more money than they have ever made in their life,” said Mark Woodward, with the Oklahoma Narcotics Bureau.

For his previous arrest, Hudson was given a deferred eight year sentence. He served just seven months in a drug treatment program.

The family is hoping this time he’ll finally pay for the crime, and stay locked up for good.


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