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EDMOND, Okla. – The family of Isaiah Lewis, an Edmond teen fatally shot by police in April, held a press conference today with their attorney to announce they have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The family of Isaiah Lewis and their attorney are taking on the city and its officers exactly one month after the 17-year-old was shot and killed.

A press conference held Wednesday afternoon brought new questions to the case.

“Isaiah Lewis was murdered by a racist killer Edmond Oklahoma cop,” Eric Russell from the Tree of Life Justice League of Illinois said.

The news conference was hosted by Andrew M. Stroth, a civil rights lawyer from Chicago.

“We are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Edmond and the two officers who unjustifiably shot and killed Isaiah Lewis,” Andrew Stroth said.

Stroth represents Vicki and Troy Lewis.

Their son, 17-year-old Isaiah Lewis, was shot and killed by Edmond Police after they say he attacked his girlfriend and then broke into a stranger’s home.

“The female stated he was acting irrational and abnormal and was stripping off his clothing and was running down the street,” Jenny Wagnon with the Edmond Police Department said.

Police followed Lewis inside the home where a fight broke out.

They said they tried tasing him several times but were forced to shoot.

One of the officers was injured in the scuffle, but neither were wearing body cameras.

Wednesday’s lawsuit claims Lewis had a “mental health breakdown” and that the officers “elevated his anxiety.”

“The officers knew that Isaiah was in crisis and unarmed,” Stroth said.

But this mental health crisis is one the family denied just days after the shooting.

“No he did not have a mental health history,” Vicki Lewis said.

Prior to Lewis’ death, witnesses said the high school senior was running through backyards naked and appeared to be under the influence.

Police say they found drug paraphernalia near the scene.

The topic of drugs also was brought up during Wednesday’s event.

“There’s no excuse for a 17-year-old man having a mental and drug-induced behavior to have died,” Garland Pruitt with NAACP OKC said.

But Stroth and Lewis’ mother later denied drugs being involved.

“No, no that didn’t come from us, that didn’t come from any experts, keep that in mind,” Vicki Lewis said.

“Autopsies take 10-12 weeks,” Stroth said. “We do not have the toxicology report.”

Lewis’ parents also said they requested a meeting to discuss the investigation with the city.

City officials offered their condolences but “respectfully declined” to meet, stating the Lewis family was giving the opportunity to meet with police but chose not to.

“What were they going to say?” Vicki Lewis said. “That he was dead. I already knew that. What would be the point of then talking to them?”

The Oklahoma County District Attorney tells News 4 the investigation is still under review.

The family’s attorney argues that this lawsuit is not premature and is asking to see evidence now.