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NORMAN, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother is fighting to get her daughter back after a judge sent her to live with a convicted sex offender.

Family and friends held a car wash Saturday to raise money to fight in court.

“The kids have been great,” Sarah’s cousin, Jody Coomer, said. “They’re out on the street with signs and hollering ‘save our sister,’ their dance sister. This is her neighborhood friends but also her dance sisters that she was in dance with before she left.”

They want to bring 6-year-old Sarah Jewel back from California after Oklahoma Judge Howard Haralson sent her to live with her sex offender father.

Nicholas Elizondo was convicted of raping his other daughter six years ago in California when she was Sarah’s age.

When Elizondo got out of jail, he fought for sole custody of Sarah and won.

Sarah’s mom, Lisa Knight, is limited to Skype visits with her little girl for 30 minutes every Sunday.

“If her mom says anything to her about I`m trying to get you home or I`m working on it then dad cuts the skype visit,” Coomer said.

Elizondo claims he was wrongfully convicted and he has never hurt a child.

The family said they are willing to do whatever it takes to bring Sarah back home to Oklahoma.