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GUTHRIE, Okla. – Linda Glisson’s Christmas spirit took a hit this week when someone ransacked her car. Thieves rifled through her glove box, popped the trunk, and stole all the presents she bought for her kids.

“There is a Grinch who stole Christmas, and he’s out there, and he got off with my kids’ Christmas.” Glisson said.

The real-life Grinch made off with an Xbox, an Android phone with 3 months worth of minutes, a movie, and a video game. The only thing left behind was the thermal underwear Glisson had bought for her 23-year-old son.

“You see the movie Grinch Stole Christmas on TV but you wouldn’t think it’s in your own town that you’re living in.” She said.

Glisson left the presents in the car to hide them for her two sons who still live at home, 16-year-old Brandon and 10-year-old Hayden. The boys are disappointed but trying to look on the bright side.

“They took my presents. They don’t belong to them.” Hayden said. “Kinda sad, but there’s always next year.”

The stolen items were worth about $500. The family will still have some presents to open Christmas day, but there is no way they can afford to replace the stolen gifts.

“It’s just sad that someone would come and take something that belongs to children.” Glisson said.

The family says “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” used to be their favorite holiday movie.

The Guthrie Police Department urges anyone with any information on who stole the presents to call (405)-382-3535.