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THE VILLAGE, Okla. – Family members are mourning a woman and her unborn baby, both  gunned down in The Village late Thursday night.

Police said Amber Stokke, 22, managed to drive about a block after being shot multiple times in her car outside her home on Sunnymeade Place.

She was six months pregnant.

Deputy Chief Steve Jagosh with The Village Police said detectives currently have no suspects.

“Our investigators are interviewing multiple people right now and just continuing the investigation,” Jagosh said.

Amber’s uncle, Charles Cross, answered her door when we knocked.

He said he came to The Village after he heard the news to support Amber’s father, who lived with Amber.

“[Amber was] a good little girl,” Cross said. “Like anybody’s daughter, I guess. A beautiful, young child.”

Cross could not offer any insight into why someone would want to kill Amber, but he did say he believes the guilty have to be punished.

“I’m a firm believer in the death penalty, myself,” Cross added.

Witnesses mentioned seeing two men hanging around Amber’s house at the time of the shooting.

One neighbor we spoke to, who did not want her name given, said in an otherwise quiet neighborhood, Amber’s house was unique.

“It’s a busy house. There’s never any parties there but people are in and out a lot. That really is the only house that keeps me up at night,” the neighbor said.

Despite the violence, Deputy Chief Jagosh said the community should “absolutely” still feel safe.

The last time The Village saw a homicide, Jagosh added, was in 2008.

Amber’s family has set up a memorial fund at Bank of Oklahoma under the name”Amber Dawn Stokke.”