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MOORE, Okla. – To say Chakara Redd is heartbroken would be an understatement.

She’s mourning the loss of her niece Janae Hornsby one of the seven students who died at Plaza Towers Elementary after the deadly Moore tornado.

“Its devastating,” Redd said. “It’s hard because Janae was only nine years old and not to mention we just buried her mom a year ago and to go through this now is hard.”

Janae’s mother Josselyn died unexpectedly last year from complications with lupus.

Her aunt Chakara and great aunt Janet saw her at a memorial service marking the one year anniversary of her mother’s death last month.

They had no idea that would be the last time they would see her.

“She went to go be with her mom,” said the third grader’s great aunt, Janet Rush. “That’s the only thing that is going to keep me going because I know her mom is going to take care of her and she’s going to give her all the love and the hugs she needs.

This social butterfly never met a stranger.

She had a second bedroom at her aunt Janet’s house.

She loved school and everything Hello Kitty.

The family wants people to remember the love she brought to their lives and the light that shined from within, not the tragic way she died.

“Spending time with her laughing, going to different restaurants and her teaching people how to love; those are my memories of Janae I will hold on to. She was just a happy sweet girl.”

The family is working to plan the funeral.

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