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LATIMER COUNTY, Okla. — Years of searching for missing loved ones may be over for a Latimer County family.

NewsChannel 4 first reported on the disappearance of Bobby Jamison, 44, his wife, Sherilyn, 41, and their daughter, Madyson, 6, in 2009.

The discovery of skeletal remains on Saturday may bring the case to an end.

Deep in the Latimer County hills, on a plot of land, investigators gathered the skeletal remains of a small child and two adults. It was a sensitive scene for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations’ Gary Perkinson.

“You think about the sleepless nights for those family members who don’t know what happened to their loved ones,” said Perkinson.

Sherilyn, Bobby and Madyson vanished four years ago in the same area where hunters found the skeletal remains.

NewsChannel 4 was there in 2009 as family searched tirelessly.

“At this point, I just want them found. I don’t even care what happened, I just want them found.”,
said family friend, Niki Shenold.

Monday, Perkinson spoke with Sherilyn’s mother and son, telling them hunters found the bones in the rugged woods 2.7 miles away from where police found the Jamison’s abandoned truck.

“I spent a little bit of time talking to some in person; a little time today with some on the phone. I sensed in some of the family members a sense of relief knowing that they may be able to at least get some answers,” said Perkinson.

In 2009, the Jamisons were in the area to buy some land. Investigators found Bobby Jamison’s truck with all the family’s belongings and $30,000 inside, even their family dog.

Back then, loved ones were heartbroken.

“I don’t know what to think, I mean it’s as if they stepped out of the truck and vanished,” Shenold told NewsChannel 4.

Perkinson says the bones show no obvious sign of foul play, but the mystery remains: “If this is the family, how did they end up here?”

“That’s something we’ll have to hopefully find out,” said Perkinson. “We’ll make every effort to try to get the answers we can for these families.”

Now the Medical Examiner’s Office is working to identify the bones. Investigators are gathering DNA and dental records from the Jamison’s family members to see if there is a match.