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OKLAHOMA CITY – A famous downtown ghost strikes again.

The ghost stories continue to pour in about the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City.

When sports commentator Reggie Miller phoned into the Dan Patrick radio show to talk about the NBA playoffs, he couldn’t help but mention his experience with a famous downtown ghost known as Effie.

Miller stated when he went to bed he placed his water bottle on one night stand and when he woke up it was somewhere else. For him, this confirmed the legend of Effie.

Paranormal investigator Christy Clark says she has been investigating paranormal activity around Oklahoma for the last 15 years. She’s heard countless stories about the ghost.

“When you have an old building chances are you’re going to have a lot of ghost stories told about it,” said Clark.  “Effie has been reported as a naked woman and she is seen getting in the shower with some of the male occupants there in the hotel. She’s also seen propositioning some of the males when they’re in their bedrooms.”

As legend has it, Effie was a maid who had an affair with the hotel owner and became pregnant.

She was apparently locked away on the tenth floor.

When the baby was born, she was so depressed that she jumped out the window ending her life, along with her newborn baby.

Clark said, “So you have to take a collage of all these different stories and it can’t be a figment of their imagination. If you have more than one person or a group of people that are experiencing things, chances are you have something paranormal taking place.”

Steve Lackmeyer co-authored the book Skirvin on the historic hotel.

Lackmeyer says he doesn’t believe in ghosts but has had his own unexplained encounters at the hotel

Lackmeyer said, “The 10th floor has plenty of scandals to contribute to a good ghost story.”

He is adamant that it’s not likely Effie ever existed.

Lackmeyer said, “Keep in mind, if a woman were to throw herself and her baby out of a tenth floor window of the Skirvin, that would have made the news. This would not have escaped notice.”

Regardless of there not being any official record of Effie, she continues to spook many guests, especially out-of-town athletes.