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OKLAHOMA CITY — As news broke of Scott Brooks’ firing, fans began to react.

Our crew caught up with a few in Bricktown.

Steven Samuels said, “Just a couple of down years with some injuries, not many options, the coach is usually the first one to go.”

And that’s what’s happened. Scott Brooks and the Oklahoma City Thunder are now parting ways. The announcement spread quickly.

Matt Wall said, “It’s probably best for the team.”

Cindy George said, “I wonder how the players will react. It will be interesting to see.”

Some are questioning the decision, wondering if it’s fair considering the injuries the team dealt with this year.

Dennis Williams said, “Scott Brooks has done a real good job for the Thunder. Westbrook likes him and Durant likes him very much and I don’t think he should have went. I think they should have waited until everyone got healthy and gave him another chance.”

Wall said, “It’s kind of a sad deal because he’s led the team so far but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

George said, “It was surprising to me. I think, being in the coaching industry, if a coach is going to be fired it should never come as a surprise.”

As a former coach, Cindy George’s heart goes out to Coach Brooks. She says he’s definitely left his mark on this team and this city.

George said, “He helped build the Thunder and Oklahoma City together, that bridge. He will be remembered, definitely.”

All fans we found say they are just hopeful this will be good for the future of the team.

Williams said, “There’s a bunch of good coaches out there that can come in we’ll have to wait and see what they do.”

Samuels said, “If they get the right person in place to use Durant and Westbrook to the best of their abilities they should win the Western Conference Championship every year.”

None of the fans we spoke with had any predictions as to who the team may consider to replace Scott Brooks.

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