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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police say marijuana and meth were found in the hospital room of a boy being treated for cancer, and the boy’s father admits to News 4 the drugs were his.

“Yeah, I’m going through a lot,” Ricky Dean Ketchum said. “You can’t even imagine.”

Ricky Ketchum was arrested by police on the 10th floor of OU Children’s Hospital after a nurse called to complain about “the odor of burned marijuana coming from a cancer patient’s room.”

According to the police report, Ketchum said he had marijuana on him and didn’t have a license to carry the drug.

The officer asked Ketchum if he had anything else illegal on him.

The father replied “Yes, I have some meth in my pocket”.

Police searched his bag in his son’s hospital room and found, “a syringe containing a clear liquid, a digital scale with white residue on it, a bent metal spoon with a heavy white crystal residue on it, and a rubber pipe”.

Police said the drugs tested positive for methamphetamine and THC.

New 4 reached out to Ketchum for his story of what happened.

He said he went outside to smoke a joint and came back to nurses calling the cops.

Ketchum was booked in the Oklahoma County Jail on several felony drug charges.

“Yes I realize and yes I know it sounds horrible but sometimes when people are going through crap and aren’t at their full capability, that’s probably what was going on this situation,” Ketchum said.

Ketchum said he lives in McAlester and travels to see his son who’s being treated for cancer in Oklahoma CIty.

The father admitted he made a big mistake.

“What he needed was me up there and then I messed up and now my son is having to pay for what I’ve done,” Ketchum said.

OU Medicine did not have any additional information regarding the incident.

Ketchum has not been assigned a court date.