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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Fire Department helmet cam footage shows the chaotic and emotional moments firefighters experienced during Friday’s early morning fire that proved fatal for one local pastor.

Moans of pain from injured firefighters and terrifying moments of total darkness.

Through thick, black smoke and debris, when flames broke out they ran in. Risking it all to save the woman still trapped inside.

“All the firefighters are out. The lady is right at the bottom of the window.”

Her husband managing to escape by jumping out of a second-floor window.

“You’re going to need a mask.”

“I’ve got her set up right here against the window.”

Inside the home, the heat beginning to grow intense.

“It’s so hot.”

Radiating through even the fire crews thick, protective bunker gear.

“All companies out of the structure right now.”

But still they worked, desperate to save the woman’s life.

Until they were forced to make a gut-wrenching call.

“I’m sorry she’s gone.”

Unable to hide the growing weight of their own exhaustion and emotions.

Pastor Dr. Coyett Morgan was the pastor and founder of A Bridge of Hope and Love Ministries. She died at the hospital from her injuries. Her husband, Otis Morgan is said to be ok physically.

All four firefighters only sustained minor injuries.