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OKLAHOMA CITY — Fire crews are investigating a fire which sparked at a vacant home near SW 48th and Shields.

The fire sparked about 4 a.m. Tuesday.

When firefighters arrived they found heavy smoke and flames pouring from the back of the structure.

Crews say the house is unoccupied, and they do not believe there was anyone inside at the time of the fire.

“Unfortunately Oklahoma City does have a significant homeless population and we’ve had some cold nights. When it does get cold they do need shelter and sometimes they’ll find a vacant structure and get shelter from the cold.” said Oklahoma City Major Chris Black.

According to the fire department there is no gas service to the house, but the electricity was working.

OG&E crews arrived on the scene after the fire was extinguished to restore power to the house.

Firefighters are investigating the fire as suspicious, which is customary for a fire in a vacant structure.