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EDMOND, Okla. – There’s no judgment at a gym designed for children on the autism spectrum.

Two sisters just opened it in Edmond this weekend.

The slogan says it all.

“Finally a place where you never have to say I’m sorry.”

A new gym created for children on the autism spectrum.

“We understand some kids have rough days. They have difficult behaviors. Parents don’t have to feel ashamed,” said Kristin Haynes, co-owner of We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym.

It’s a national franchise Haynes discovered researching places for her adoptive daughter who is on the spectrum.

“As I was looking at ways to help her, I came across the We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym franchise. I fell in love with the concept of just an inclusive environment where all kids are welcome,” Haynes said.

Each piece of equipment was designed for children with sensory processing disorders.

“The equipment is all occupational therapy based,” she said.

“My favorite is the bolster swing, and a child can sit on that and use the push and pull to get some of that motor movement,” Haynes said.

The zip line helps with upper muscle strength as well as helps them tolerate movement.

The blue floors are aimed at creating a calm environment.

There’s even a room specialized for children that may get overwhelmed.

Lindsey Holleyman just started taking her four daughters to We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym.

They aren’t on the spectrum but enjoy playing with all of the equipment, too.

“They love the zip line. They love the trampoline. Obviously, we have a princess dressed up, puzzles, food, puppets,” Holleyman said.

The gym is located at 64 E. 33rd St. in Edmond.