Flash Point team talks Oklahoma Medicaid expansion

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Each week, the Flash Point team tackles some of the biggest topics circulating in the Sooner State and beyond. This week, Oklahoma State Senator Dewayne Pemberton joins Todd Lamb, Mike Turpen, and moderator Kevin Ogle. The Flash Point team discussed House Republicans storming the closed-door deposition in the House Intelligence Committee hearing room. Oklahoma US Senator Jim Inhofe cosponsored a resolution Thursday to condemn the impeachment process, saying,
“Because they lack evidence of any wrongdoing by President Trump, House Democrats have tried to keep Americans in the dark about their impeachment inquiry by holding hearings behind closed doors and denying the President his right to due process. Worse, they are ignoring the established, bipartisan precedent followed during the Clinton and Nixon impeachments. If there were something to any of these smear tactics then the Democrats would do this out in the open. Instead, they are relying on a biased process, full of secret meetings and one-sided statements. The double standard shows that this isn’t about anything President Trump did or didn’t do – this is about trying yet again to overturn the results of the 2016 election.”
Oklahoma US Senator James Lankford also called for transparency in the hearing.
“If House Democrats are as serious about impeachment as they’re acting, they should apply an equal level of gravity to the process they think is so important,” said Lankford. “Speaker Pelosi couldn’t even wait for the whistleblower report before calling for an official impeachment inquiry. House Democrats have spent days questioning witnesses behind closed doors and then telling the American people the things they should know in a thirty-second soundbite. Why don’t they trust the American people to make their own conclusions based on the facts? If the Democrats in the House wish to continue down this path, it needs to be pursued in a transparent fashion worthy of the Constitution and intelligence of the American people.”
Senator Dewayne Pemberton then joined the team to discuss the Medicaid expansion petition reaching a record-breaking 313,000 signatures calling for a state question on the issue.

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