OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Millions of Americans tried to head home from the holidays, but that return trip has been anything but fun for some.  

After thousands of flights over the holidays cancelled and delayed, Will Rogers’ World Airport was somewhat back to normal Monday.  

One of the biggest headaches besides having thousands of flights canceled or delayed was people getting their checked bags.  

Leiloni Quenneville hasn’t had her bag since December 22nd. She was stuck for days trying to get from Denver to Oklahoma City.  

“It’s in Sacramento… I had the contents of my wallet in there. The only thing I have with me is like, my debit card and my driver’s license for Oklahoma. But I don’t have my medical insurance card. All of my other cards are in there, and like, a medication is in there. So, I’ve had to, you know, ask for more prescriptions. So, it’s just a big hassle,” said Leiloni Quenneville, traveler.  

Southwest Airlines told her they will FedEx her bag to her home, but they don’t know how long that will take. On top of that, she was dealing with another hassle.  

“I just ran to go rent a car. I couldn’t rent a car. There were no cars,” said Quenneville.  

Quenneville finally got home back to Yukon after stuck in airports for days, all with her two-year-old son.  

“It was really rough. We managed and he was a good boy, but it was a mess,” said Quenneville. 

One traveler is hoping to make it to San Antonio in time for work after her Southwest flight was delayed Monday.  

“It was just like it was a big deal because being in the military, we have to, like, make sure all our timelines are good… If we’re not back, by the time that they tell us to, we could get charged with an article 92, which is failure to obey a lawful order. So, I know that there’s a lot of people that are freaking out,” said Laralee Salazar, traveler.  

Things are looking up for Brandon Nelson. He said he hasn’t had any problems with Southwest Airlines, yet.  

“I got the flight… I got to work. I start back work on the fourth, so I got to get back by the third,” said Brandon Nelson, traveler.  

“After a couple of busy weeks things will be quiet in the first part of January and expect a pickup in a couple of weeks with MLK weekend on the 14th through 16th of this month,” said Jeff Mulder, Director of Airports in Oklahoma City.