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LOS ANGELES – A California fast food restaurant decided to take technology to the next level when they deployed a robot named Flippy into the kitchen.

However, things did not go as planned.

“The kitchen of the future will always have people in it, but we see that kitchen as having people and robots,” said David Zito, co-founder and chief executive officer of Miso Robotics.

CaliBurger decided to take technology a step farther and hired a burger-flipping robot as a grill cook. Humans still have to put raw patties on the grill and dress the burger, but Flippy is supposed to be able to cook a consistent burger every single time.

Flippy in Pasadena. California

Flippy uses thermal imaging, 3D and camera vision to sense when to flip a burger– and when to remove it from the grill.

“It detects the temperature of the patty, the size of the patty and the temperature of the grill surface,” Zito said.

In addition to consistency and safety, CaliBurger said the robot can cut down on costs.

“This technology is not about replacing jobs. We see Flippy as that third hand,” Zito said.

CaliBurger used Flippy in its Pasadena store on Monday, but it had to be taken offline after just one day on the job.

BBC News reports that Flippy was unable to keep up with demand, so coders will have to update the software before it heads back to the grill.

See Flippy cook a burger from start to finish: