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ACHILLE, Okla. – New controversy in the small town of Achille. There are concerns over the police department’s latest hire.

The chief hired former Colbert Police Chief Bart Alsbrook.

Alsbrook resigned after he was connected to Neo-Nazi and racist websites.

“The media and cameras have ruined that man’s name enough,” said Chief Christopher Watson.

Watson refused to do an interview with News 4, saying, “No, Absolutely not.”

He said his reason was that he was unhappy with the way his interview went with TV station KXII earlier this week.

“What happened with that interview is that it was edited to the point to continue like Mr. Alsbrook was involved with that and that was 22 years ago, 1996,” said Watson.

Watson stands by his decision in hiring former Colbert Chief Bart Alsbrook, calling him a changed man.

We reported last year, Alsbrook resigned from his interim chief position when reports surface that he was involved in Neo NAZI and racist groups and videos.

Alsbrook said his identity was stolen in the 1990s and those groups used his name for years.

“The statement is that was 22 years ago,” said Watson.

We tried calling and texting from his last known number we had of Alsbrook so far we received no response.

He did send an email to KXII saying, “I do not want my name associated with any hate ideology.”

In that same story Chief Watson said Alsbrooj isn’t the man he was 20 years ago.

“Everyone has a past, some of which they may not be proud of, of which he is not. He wishes he never had those connections,” said Watson.

Watson said the Achille police department has zero tolerance for racism.