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OKLAHOMA CITY – A former employee of a government funded agency makes shocking financial wrongdoing and sexual harassment allegations against the former Oklahoma City assistant fire chief, Jon Hansen.

Ruth Hunter worked for the Council on Firefighter Training, also known as COFT, until April 2015. She says she was fired after she complained of financial wrongdoing and sexual harassment by her boss, Jon Hansen.

“Director Hansen was engaging in inappropriate activity including sexual harassment and misabuse or misappropriation of funds that the agency received,” Rachel Bussett, Hunter’s attorney, said.

Hansen, a former Oklahoma City assistant fire chief, was the face behind the rescue and recovery efforts during the Oklahoma City bombing. He died from cancer in April.

In a 19-page long lawsuit, there are allegations that Hansen slapped Hunter’s butt while she was walking into a building at the Oklahoma Firefighter’s Museum.

On another occasion, on an elevator, Hansen allegedly told Hunter she did not thank him properly for the Valentine’s Day gift cards that he gave to all of the “girls.”

In the lawsuit it says, “Executive Director Jon Hansen put his hand out to block her from getting out of the elevator even though Ms. Hunter made several attempts to get out and move his hand. Against her will she was forced to ride up to the 6th floor, then back down to her floor, on the second floor.

During this time, Hunter sent letters to the COFT council. In those letters, she said, “He has yelled at me, called me names, berated me.”

She described it as a hostile environment.

Hunter also made allegations against an employee who was handling the agency’s funding had a criminal record of mishandling money.

After those letters, Hunter told the council she was planning to file a complaint for age, race and sex discrimination. She also made claims of harassment and retaliation.

Within two weeks of her letter, she was fired.

An attorney for COFT says the allegations are all false, but right now, can’t comment on the lawsuit.

At this time, we don’t know if COFT investigated the claims against Hansen.

We do know that the agency was the subject of a state audit last June, and has since lost its’ state funding according to Bussett.