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OKLAHOMA CITY – A surprising end in the case of a former state senator accused of being part of a bribery scandal.

On Thursday, a judge convicted Debbe Leftwich of a felony count of bribery after Leftwich waived her right to a jury trial.

Prosecutors claim she accepted an offer from former state representative Randy Terrill in exchange for a high paying state job.

Despite being found guilty, Leftwich will not have to go to prison.

As part of a deal, the judge sentenced Leftwich to one year of probation.

“We think this is an appropriate outcome.  She has admitted her guilt and been found guilty,” said Oklahoma county Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland.

As part of her punishment, Leftwich will never again hold an elected office.

She’s also likely to lose her state pension but her legal fight will continue.

Rowland said, “She has admitted to the facts of wrongdoing and been convicted, but she has preserved her ability to appeal whether or not she was a candidate.”

Leftwich had been set to have a jury trial next week.

As for Randy Terrill, the jury recommended he spend one year behind bars.

He remains free on bond pending appeal.

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