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MCLOUD, Okla. – A man who served on the McLoud Fire Department was taken to jail after he allegedly sexually assaulted two teen girls.

Court documents say Alan Sordahl was arrested after police were called to a domestic disturbance.

One of the teens claimed Sordahl sexually assaulted her and that it happened “a handful of times.”

She also said Sordahl told her “it’s just a game” and “I would never do anything to hurt you.”

The other teen told authorities that Sordahl told her that “police would not believe them if they told them because he was a member of the McLoud Fire Department,” and he “knows all the cops.”

“It is scare tactics, right? So, don’t come forward. I will do this, that and the other because they know what they’re doing is wrong and how can I prevent you from telling on me,” said Mackenzie Masilon with the Oklahoma Coalition Against Violence and Sexual Assault.

We reached out to the fire department multiple times for comment, but didn’t hear back.