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MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – Thousands of employees’ personal information was sent right to a former Prime Communications employee’s email.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” said Tonya Smith.

Smith said nothing but nervousness filled her mind after the human resources department sent her 105 pages of personal information of thousands of Prime Communications employees across the nation.

The information included social security numbers, birthdays, home addresses and names.

“I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

Prime Communications is an authorized retailer for AT&T.

Smith had worked there as a sales representative for almost six years, until she was terminated in December for performance.

According to Smith, she reached out to human resources for her 401k and employee profile.

However, that’s when she realized she got much more than that.

“I said, wait a second these are social security numbers, email addresses, home addresses,” she said. “It was one hundred and five pages of eight thousand different employees information.”

The employees were not just in Oklahoma either. It included the names of people from all over the nation.

The information now sits in her possession, where it’s been sitting for months.

“I emailed four or five times and I phoned three or four times,” Smith said.

However, she claims she hasn’t heard anything back from the company yet.

“What if something happens to one of these people, someone’s identity gets stolen,” she said.

News 4 reached out to the company for comment but was sent to voicemail three different times.

In the meantime, Smith, also still waiting for an answer.

“We’re entrusting them to have our information and they’re very reckless with it,” she said.

Right now, we’re still waiting on a response from Prime Communications.

At the same time this has all happened, Smith added she is still waiting on around $7,000 in commission from them.