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OKLAHOMA CITY – Three women have been charged with a complaint of neglect by caretaker following a case that began in 2015.

Agents with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office began investigating a man’s care at Edwards Redeemer Nursing Home in Oklahoma City in 2015.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the victim was set to be transferred to Kindred Long Term Acute Care to care for a wound on his heel.

When he arrived at the new facility, the affidavit states the victim was “pale and covered in vomit.”

“Upon further examination of the Foley catheter the nurses discovered that the balloon of the catheter had only been inserted approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches int he penis and the inflated balloon was protruding through the skin of the shaft of the penis creating an infected chronic non-healing posterior ulcer to the penis,” the report states.

However, the injury was never noted by employees at Edwards Redeemer Nursing Home.

Staff at Kindred Long Term Acute Care determined that the victim was suffering from the penile ulcer, septic symptoms and could go into septic shock.

Doctors learned that the balloon of the catheter was not put all the way into the victim’s bladder, causing the injury. Doctors also stated that it was probably that way for 10 days before he was transferred to the new facility.

Following an investigation, officials charged Yarkesha Carter, Sharonda Ratliff and Tynikia Jackson with neglect by caretaker