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OKLAHOMA CITY – Nicholas Tate, a former Walmart cashier whose story went viral after he paid it forward to a customer, has been back in town for a short trip before returning to Honduras to do mission work.

It was back in July of last year when we first met Nick Tate.

Tate worked at the Walmart in Newcastle at the time. A woman came through his checkout line expecting WIC to cover baby formula she needed.

When WIC wouldn’t work, Tate paid $60 of his own money for the formula.

“We tried to run it again, and the WIC still didn’t work,” he said back in July. “So, I just felt like God was telling me just to pay for it.”

Within just a few days, Tate’s kind gesture had gone viral.

“I got a call from CBS News, and I got a call from Fox News,” he said Monday. “They both interviewed me.”

Tate said he was also invited on several talk shows.

What really transformed his life, though, were several donations that helped him pursue his dream of mission work in Roatan, an island off the northern coast of Honduras.

“Through all of this, the first Wednesday, so the day after you did the interview, someone donated $10,000 for me to go down there,” Tate said.

Thanks to the donations, he’s been serving in Roatan for the past few months.

“Right now, I’m a youth and children’s pastor at a church, and I’m loving it. It is so much fun,” Tate said. “Then, I play soccer every other night with locals just to dive into the community.”

Tate hopes to soon start his own soccer ministry there.

He hopes his story will inspire others to pursue their dreams, just like he is.

“God was saying, okay, it’s time. Here’s the doors wide open for you. It was so cool just to see Him work through all of it,” Tate said.