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NORMAN, Okla. – Now a meeting with David Boren has been requested by the law firm investigating claims of sexual misconduct against him, Boren’s attorney insists they must first provide some scope of the investigation.

This week, Boren’s attorney and spokesman, Bob Burke, said they’re finally planning a meeting with the investigating firm. Burke has been requesting a chance to meet, as well as any details on the allegations since they learned about the investigation at the beginning of the year.

“We have been met with silence,” Burke said.

In a statement to News 4, an OU spokesperson said the university received “allegations of serious misconduct” it’s required to investigate. A source with knowledge of the investigation has confirmed to News 4 that this investigation includes Boren’s conduct with male aides during his tenure as OU President.

But as of now, Burke said they haven’t gotten confirmation any actual allegations have been made at all.

“We’re not aware of any specific allegations that any of the people that have been interviewed have been asked about,” Burke said. “It’s just about rumors and that’s persecution of a legend in Oklahoma history.” He insists this is a fishing expedition in an attempt to discredit Boren’s legacy.

Rather than use in-house attorneys, OU opted to hire Atlanta, Georgia-based law firm, Jones Day. Burke said the law firm has ignored Boren’s requests for any information about the alleged allegations.

“What are we talking about? Are we talking about something that, a rumor that something happened 20 years ago? 10 years ago? Five months ago? ” Burke said.

Now that an interview with Boren has been requested, Burke said to not provide the scope of the investigation, which fall 24-year presidency, would be grossly unfair.

“You can’t just allow someone to sit down and then pepper questions about something, some rumor 40 years ago,” Burke said.

An OU spokesperson declined further comment on the story at this time.