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It’s not what the new Starbucks holiday cups say – it’s what they don’t say.

In years past, Starbucks cups have shown holiday designs, but because this year’s cups are plain red without any mention of Christmas, a former Arizona pastor says Starbucks must hate Jesus.

And, at the time of this posting, his Facebook rant has received nearly 13 million views.

Joshua Feuerstein is asking his 1.8 million Facebook followers to head to Starbucks, place their order, then tell the barista their name is “Merry Christmas,” forcing them to write that name on the cup, and therefore recognize the Christian holiday.

Feuerstein is asking Christians to not boycott, but rather to “start a movement,” by taking a Starbucks Merry Christmas coffee selfie.

“Choose to not be politically correct, just correct,” Feuerstein stated in his video.

And his followers took action, posting pictures with the hashtag “MerryChristmasStarbucks” all over social media.

But Feuerstein’s mission is also being met with an angry backlash from Starbucks lovers who call the campaign “absurd.”

Many are calling the campaign a publicity stunt for the former pastor’s website.

Others say the simple red cup is far from Christian persecution, and the movement is giving Christianity a bad name.

They’re also defending Starbucks, pointing out that the company sells “Merry Christmas” gift cards and sells a coffee with the name “Christmas Blend.”

Starbucks has replied to the viral response by saying the simple cups are “inclusive,” and like a “blank canvas,” allowing “customers to tell their Christmas stories in their own way.”