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MUSTANG, Okla. – A former patient of an Oklahoma chiropractor says the chiropractor is infuriated about ratings online and he’s taking things to another level.

A patient and his wife are both allegedly getting backlash for a three-star review about Mustang Chiropractic.

They now say they’re afraid of the very same man that they went to for help.

“This is concerning to say the least,” said Andrew Brown, a former patient of Dr. Eric Crane with Mustang Chiropractic.

Brown’s still scratching his head, wondering how things escalated so quickly.

He says after visiting Dr. Crane with Mustang Chiropractic last fall, he left a positive review online.

But, he says that all changed after his next visit to the clinic.

“I realized it wasn’t as great as I originally felt, so I thought I left a pretty fair review about him at that time,” said Brown.

Brown left a three-star review saying, “Nothing extraordinary in the end, but I ended up going elsewhere to be treated. Everyone ought to try physical therapy, chiropractors to find what works for them.”

But, Brown says Dr. Crane took offense and allegedly replied with, “I wish I hadn’t wasted my time on this because I didn’t realize you were so stupid. You are dismissed as a patient. Stick to urgent care. Moron. You don’t get it.”

Once News 4 got involved, that comment was edited adding, “PS thanks for calling the news. Talk about an overreaction.”

But, that’s not all.

“This is Dr. Crane at Mustang Chiropractic,” said a man on a voicemail message. “I don’t understand what the deal is.”

A man calling himself Dr. Crane left a voicemail message for Brown’s wife, leaving her shaken up.

“He didn’t realize what he was doing,” said the man on the voicemail. “Messed up my ratings. I’m pissed off about it. Help me out here. Tell him to go change his review or just delete it.”

Other reviewers apparently getting similar backlash.

Someone claiming to be the owner of Mustang Chiropractic also responded to somebody who left a one-star review calling them a coward, along with, “Karma will pay you back ten-fold. Kill yourself.”

Late Monday afternoon, that comment was also edited.

“I said enough is enough and I have to do my diligence as an Oklahoman,” said Brown. “I believe we look out for one another.”

News 4 called Dr. Crane for his side of the story.

An employee told us, “Doctor Crane has over 100 five-star reviews. This is a non-story and reflective on the state of journalistic standards today.”

Brown’s left worried this is just the beginning of a bigger problem.

“You just need to go about it in a way that’s constructive,” said Brown. “You have an obligation to fellow Oklahomans and really just the field that you’re practicing in to make sure that you’re coming in every day with the best mentality.”

Brown says he’s filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic.

News 4 has not been able to get more information on if there’s an investigation.