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ENID, Okla. – A former teacher and local-access cable personality was carted off to jail for allegedly threatening to have a city commissioner and her friend killed and their body parts scattered in a Kansas river.

Brian Nester Young, also known as “Dr. Fear,” was featured on News 4’s “Great State” back in 2007. The story chronicled his horror T.V. show.

Young and city commissioner Tammy Wilson worked together on the town’s Halloween parade for years, but Wilson says they didn’t always agree.

“I think that he’s upset that he hasn’t received some kind of credit he thought he should get,” said Wilson, who told News 4 the problem got worse after she was elected as a city commissioner. She says Young harassed her online and she eventually had to block him on Social Media.

Wilson says this went on for years, and recently his wife reached out to her online after filing a protective order against him.

“I feel like this is something you need to know because I’m afraid, you know, once he gets served with papers, you know, he may get upset,” Wilson said the woman told her.

Court documents say Young’s wife had allegedly found dating profiles and lewd photos on a cell phone used by Young.

The woman told authorities Young, who used to be a teacher at Enid High, told her the ordeal was a conspiracy against him by Wilson and her friend, who also used to work in the school district.

She recorded the conversations and gave them to police.

“He had been saying all of these things about, you know, meeting someone that, you know, that he could have me killed,” said Wilson.

According to court documents, Young told his wife that he met a guy at a local bar that would take care of Wilson and her friend and dispose of their body parts in a Kansas City river.

Young was arrested for the threats, but posted his bond of $50,000 and says it was all just talk.

Wilson says regardless, it’s disturbing.

“Even if it’s just a fantasy, it’s a pretty sick fantasy,” she said.

But she’s not afraid.

“I’m not going to spend my days looking over my shoulder and being worried about it,” said Wilson. “I mean, it’s unsettling, it’s unnerving a little bit, which is what I think he would love more than anything, if I were afraid.”

Young is due in court in December and faces misdemeanor charges.