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NINNEKAH, Okla. (KFOR) – A basketball coach at Ninnekah High and Junior High School has been arrested in connection to sexual assault allegations. 

Ronald Akins was booked into jail Friday for charges of rape by instrumentation and sexual battery.

A former team member, who spoke to KFOR anonymously, shared her reaction.

“I’m not surprised about this arrest. I heard rumors of girls before me that he had done this to, and then it happened to me, and with this arrest there must’ve been more after me,” she said.

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office tells KFOR a former student told investigators that Akins had been inappropriate. Investigators found there was enough evidence to talk to Akins. They tried to interview him, but he refused to talk to them.

Officials say there was probable cause to arrest him so they took him to the Grady County Jail.

The former team member who spoke to KFOR describes a pattern of manipulative behavior.

“He knew we genuinely cared about our sport and used that to his advantage to make his move, make comments about our body parts, talk to us about the women he was dating or sleeping with,” she said. “He told several players that he had a crush on them or that if he were our boyfriend that he would treat us better than our current boyfriends do.”

She says she and her friends were worried about what happen if they spoke up then, but now she wants others to come forward with her.

“These situations are extremely confusing for young girls who are taught to trust and respect their coaches and teachers which is why I never came forward,” she said. “I told my friends about it when it happened and they would tell me stories about him also, but we were so scared what would happen or if the administration would believe us. I’m coming out now to say if Ron Akins has ever made you uncomfortable to come forward and tell your truth.”

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office says if there are more victims that want to speak with investigators, call (405) 222-5085.