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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A former volunteer firefighter was arrested and is charged in the death of a woman he allegedly ran over on Saturday.

Zachary Simmons, 28, was arrested Thursday, charged with failing to stop after a fatal crash.

On Saturday, 34-year-old Mandy Gorsuch was out at a bar in Guthrie with her wife when they got into an argument with Simmons and his girlfriend while the two were in his truck. Simmons and his girlfriend had allegedly been drinking for hours that day beforehand.

According to court documents, Simmons “was holding some sort of badge,” telling the women to stay back. Then he allegedly “gunned the truck” and ran over Gorsuch.

“One of the witnesses stated that they believed that the person that was driving the vehicle stopped, either got out, or turned around to look at what had happened, and then continued to leave the scene,” said Guthrie Police Sgt. Anthony Gibbs.

Investigators later learned the badge he had was from when he was a volunteer firefighter in the Guthrie area.

“You do this [work] because there is some sort of care and concern you have for your fellow man, for your community,” Sgt. Gibbs said. “In this case, obviously that didn’t happen.”

Simmons allegedly told officers, “Mandy began to hit his pick up and he pulled away because he was scared and that he didn’t want damage to his vehicle.”

Investigators characterized Simmons as “more worried about his truck than a human life.”

They also discovered he pleaded guilty in 2015 to leaving the scene of an accident that caused property damage.

In court on Friday, however, Simmons pleaded not guilty to leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

Gorsuch’s mother, Sherri Spencer, said she’s frustrated he didn’t get a harsher charge.

“If you or me or anybody else got behind a wheel and was drinking and killed somebody, we wouldn`t have just a small charge, we would have possibly manslaughter or something,” Spencer said. “I don’t understand.”