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NORMAN, Okla. – A University of Oklahoma student appears to have sent messages about murder and bullying, before police believe he opened fire on a fraternity house and took his own life.

Norman Police say initial evidence points to Vincent Robert Valentin, 21, as the man who fired two rounds at the frat and one more inside his vehicle. He also threw a hatchet once confronted by members of the fraternity, at which point he ran from the scene and committed suicide, police said.

Several tweets the morning before from what appears to be Valentin’s Twitter account mention murder and violence.

Valentin’s SoundCloud page contains his legal name as well as the name on the Twitter account. Both match a Facebook page belonging to an OU English major. Valentin is a junior according to the school directory.

Norman Police believe Valentin had some connection to the Walmart where it all began and the fraternity, which he gave a one-star rating on Facebook.

“As far as the exact nature of that connection, that’s still under investigation,” said spokeswoman Sarah Jensen. “We do know they were aware of each other and they had had some prior issues.”

The police also had run-ins with Valentin, Jensen said.

“We had had some prior contacts with him regarding some incidents of domestic violence with an ex-girlfriend,” she said. “However she was always reluctant to press charges.”

It felt like we were in a movie”

Witnesses told NewsChannel 4 they initially heard what sounded like a car crash, but quickly realized it was much more serious.

“The driver opens the door and cocks a pistol,” said Nate Fain, an OU senior who lives across the street. “Then all of a sudden he just starts firing his gun into the air. And that’s when I go into complete panic mode. Ran to my house, called 911, and just hid away from the windows.”

Fellow senior Daniel Abeyta was outside watching too, when he saw Valentin coming toward him.

“We saw him start running like right towards our house,” he said. “Then we definitely got back in the house and locked our doors. You don’t expect stuff like that to happen around here. It was just shocking.”

Police weren’t far behind, and realized Valentin was sitting up against the brick wall of the home next door to Abeyta.

“That was the scariest part, whenever we realized that he was right next to the house,” he said. “We looked through the window and actually saw him.”

But Valentin had taken his own life. Police continued their investigation into the night.

“We had red and blue lights flashing in the window all night,” Fain said. “It was probably one of the craziest things that’s happened to me in a while.”