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PERRY, Okla. – After the fallout from Clayton Lockett’s botched execution, his victim’s hometown wants the focus to stay on his violent crime.

Downtown Perry, Oklahoma is probably the last place you will find sympathy for Lockett.

Marilee Macias says, “What that guy got he deserved.”

Tiajuana Hammock says, “I have no sympathy at all. None whatsoever.”

But after what happened to him Tuesday night the focus has been on Lockett’s cruel and unusual punishment.

Macias is the owner of the town’s popular diner, Kumback Lunch.

She says the entire town remembers what Lockett did to Stephanie Neiman 15 years ago.

Now many gather here to talk about his botched execution and how they think justice was served.

“Stephanie was beat up, she was shot, she was thrown in a grave when she was still alive,” says Macias. “His little 30 minutes of lying there in anguish, if he was even feeling any anguish for 30 minutes does not compare at all to anything Stephanie went through or her family.”

Across the street at ‘Hair Naturally’, the feelings are the same.

“Who cares if he feels pain,” says stylist April Sewell. “You know honestly, he’s getting away a lot easier than how his victim did, how Stephanie did.”

Tiajuana Hammock has been a good friend of the Neiman family for years, watching their world turn upside down.

She has just has one thing to say to anyone who might feel for Clayton Lockett.

“I want them to sit back and think,” says Hammock. “If that were your child, would you have sympathy?”

Below is a statement written by the parents of Stephanie Neiman, Susie and Steve.