CHOCTAW COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Two game wardens were able to seize multiple illegal electrofishing devices at an Oklahoma lake.

Atoka County Game Warden Jim Gillham and Choctaw County Game Warden Andrew Potter received a tip from a recently retired game warden about the illegal fishing operation.

The former game warden noticed a suspicious boat tied off at Hugo Lake while fishing with his son.

Officials say the boat had what appeared to be a bar telephone shocker in open view.

After spotting the illegal equipment, he called his former coworkers.

The wardens staked out the area of the boat and waited for the owner. When the owner showed up, investigators seized multiple shocking devices, wire lead sets, and catfish.

The suspect was cited with possession of shocking devices on or near waters of the state, taking of game fish by illegal means, and possession of wildlife not legally taken.

Charges are pending with the Choctaw County District Attorney.