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OKLAHOMA CITY – It was like an answered prayer for a couple at the Garth Brooks concert Saturday night in Oklahoma City.

Drew had just asked Chelsea to marry him – and she had just said yes – when Brooks noticed the couple in the audience.

Drew said he had been planning the proposal for three months, assuming the song ‘Unanswered Prayer’ would be played.

Brooks then asked Chelsea where she wanted to go on her honeymoon and, when she said she had “no idea,” he suggested Hawaii – even offering to pay for it.

“Before we go back, is anybody else getting engaged tonight?” he said.

The crowd cheered, and the song went on.

Later on, Trisha Yearwood joined Brooks on stage and – like any good spouse – he ran the expense by his wife.

Yearwood congratulated the couple but warned “nobody else can get engaged tonight.”

“We’ll talk about my vacation later,” she said. “That’ll be fine, dear.”