BEAVERS BEND STATE PARK, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma park ranger at Beavers Bend State Park recently discovered and relocated a giant Diamondback rattlesnake.

Ranger at Beavers Bend State Park relocating large diamondback rattlesnake. Photo courtesy: Oklahoma State Parks.

As many Oklahomans traveled to state parks over the holiday weekend, Oklahoma State Parks tweeted a picture in late August to remind us that we are entering the homes of rattlesnakes.

Even though their bite can be deadly, Oklahoma State Parks states that rattlers keep the rodent population under control, and “they’re a great snack for agile predators like owls, hawks, eagles and foxes.”

The agency ended its tweet with this link on why we shouldn’t kill snakes, and what to do should you encounter one.

Oklahoma is home to five species of rattlesnakes, including the Western Diamondback, Timber, Western Pygmy, Prairie, and the Western Massasauga rattlesnake, also called the Buzztail.