MOBILE, Alabama (KFOR/Storyful) – A nine-year-old girl screamed in terror, along with people in the crowd, as a fair ride took off without the girl’s seatbelt latched.

Video at the top of this story shows ride attendants at the Greater Gulf State Fair in Mobile, Alabama, check other seatbelts to make sure they were secure, accidentally bypassing the girl.

Her mother, April Piper, says her daughter knew her seatbelt was unlatched and was waiting for an attendant to reach down and attach the strap, that appeared to be out of her reach, dangling between her legs.

Once the Mega Drop ride launched to the top of its tower structure, Piper says a boy next to her daughter told her to use her feet to reach the hanging seatbelt and buckle herself in, which she was able to accomplish.

Once attendants heard the initial screams, they immediately paused the ride, eventually lowering it back to the ground, where they girl exited safely.

Officials with the fair say although the girl’s belt was unbuckled, the front shoulder bars were actively engaged. They say a safety mechanism would have prevented the Mega Drop ride from being able to start without every shoulder restraint being locked in place. The seatbelt is considered a second safety measure.

They say the ride operators were given more safety training following the incident.