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EDMOND, Okla. — The girlfriend of the 17-year-old fatally shot by Edmond police yesterday spoke to News 4 today as officials continue to investigate the deadly officer-involved shooting.

On Monday afternoon, Edmond police responded to a neighborhood near W. Edmond Road and Santa Fe Ave. According to police spokesperson Jenny Wagnon, it started as a domestic call.

“So, the charges we have on this call that we were working on up until this point: domestic abuse, indecent exposure, obstruction of a police officer and eluding. Felony first degree burglary, entering the occupied dwelling, felony assault upon a police officer two times,” Wagnon said Tuesday. “Where we are in the investigation right now is figuring what happened inside the house. The facts that we know right now are that both officers were violently assaulted in this confrontation inside the house.”

At a press conference Tuesday, police in Edmond detailed what they understood as the timeline of events leading up to the shooting. The teenager later died from his injuries at the hospital.

According to police, a caller near Lariat Circle called 911 saying two females ran up to her doorstep in a panic.

One of them was Kamri Pollock, who said her boyfriend was the suspect who was shot.

Pollock told News 4 on Tuesday, her boyfriend came over to her home in the morning.

“He wasn’t aggressive, but he was definitely trying to hide something from me, like something was wrong,” she said.

Pollock admits they were arguing by the front door when food was being delivered.

“She [delivery driver] starts screaming and she was screaming for somebody to call 911,” said Pollock. “I don’t think they [police] needed to get involved at all. Like when the neighbor was on the phone with them, I tried to stay calm and tried to take her phone from her and she was like no don’t take my phone from me.”

Pollock said she was never physically assaulted and asked police for clarification on Tuesday.

“She ran across the street as you heard in the 911 call, wanted police help because her boyfriend was flipping out,” Wagnon said. “There was some drug paraphernalia as you heard in the one witness. There were things being thrown over the fence. We found some scales and some other drug paraphernalia, but that’s still part of the investigation.”

Police say they were told the suspect began stripping his clothes and ran through the neighborhood before he broke into an occupied home on the 500 block of Gray Fox Run. Wagnon said two officers were inside the home and an apparent scuffle ensued.

“A taser was deployed multiple times without effect on the suspect. At least one officer fired his handgun multiple times hitting the suspect,” she said. “One officer is 56 years old. He’s been a member of law enforcement for 25 years. 17 plus years here have been here with the Edmond Police Department. The second officer involved is 24 years old and he has 7 months of experience.”

At this point in the investigation, Wagnon said it’s unclear how many shots were fired. According to Wagnon, not every officer at the Edmond Police Department has a body camera. She is unsure if the involved officers wore them.

Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.