SHAWNEE, Ok (KFOR) – Many teachers are busy getting their classrooms ready for the new school year, which starts in less than a month. 

An Oklahoma mom is going the extra mile to help educators. She’s spending thousands of dollars out of her own pocket to clear Amazon wish lists for classroom supplies, hoping to make a difference for many teachers and classrooms around Oklahoma and beyond.  

Emily Streeter, a Shawnee resident and a mother of students herself, is #ClearingTheList, paying for teacher’s school supplies across the city.

Shawnee woman buying school supplies for teachers
Emily Streeter is spending thousands out of her own pocket to clear Amazon wish lists for classroom supplies. Image KFOR

It all started when she made a Facebook post offering help to teachers, especially during this time of higher prices and supply chain shortages.  

“I know kind of what struggle is as far as, like, they don’t get paid much and then they get very little to supply their classroom and make learning fun and interactive for the kids,” said Emily Streeter, buying school supplies for teachers.

Streeter says teachers play a key role in children’s lives, which is why she’s invested in helping educators. 

“There are things that I can’t do for my kids that I know other people can… It’s very, very important to me that my kids have teachers that are invested and prepared and ready to teach my children,” said Streeter.

Streeter is helping teachers all over Oklahoma, and even as far as North Carolina.  

“Of course I can’t do all of them immediately because I am paying for this myself. So, I’m just, every pay day I start with who commented first and I’m chipping away, and even if it goes into the school year, I plan on getting everybody who’s commented something,” said Streeter.

Leslie Madrid, a 5th grade teacher in Mustang, says this help from Streeter goes a long way and makes a difference in her classroom.  

“I’m at the point where, you know, I can’t keep supplying over and over out of my personal budget, that I have to look elsewhere to kind of find the money for those things…so, it’s been really extremely helpful to have people like Emily and others that will spend their time, their money, their energy,” said Madrid.

If you’re a teacher who needs help this year, visit this link to the Facebook post; just make sure to add your Amazon wish list there.  

If you’d like to help clear these teachers’ Amazon wish lists, you can email to get in touch with Streeter.