EDMOND Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman in hospice had one wish – to visit the barn one last time.

The people caring for her and some equestrians in Edmond made it happen.

They say smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. For Jacqueline Gill, memories came rushing back as soon as she went through the barn doors at Cross Creek Stables in Edmond.

“Soon as I hit the outside of the door, smelled the horses, my liking went up immediately,” Gill said.

Gill, now 94 years old, was a horse trainer for many years. At night, she still dreams of being horseback.

“You get the same feel and your hair flies back,” said Gill. “It’s a joy just to dream about horses.”

Life for Gill has been tough lately. She beat cancer once, but learned earlier this year it had returned and was spreading.

She’s now in the care of Valir Hospice.

The team at Valir put this day together for her through their Valuable Wish program – which gives patients a special day of their choice.

“Sometimes it’s fishing, sometimes it’s horses, sometimes it’s just having their whole family together for a big family picture,” said Kristyn Joiner with Valir Hospice.

For Gill, all she wanted was one more day at the barn. Greeting, grooming and giving treats to the horses of Cross Creek

Jacqueline’s husband Richard was there by her side watching his bride beam with joy.

“Just being around them, watching them and watching the people interact with them, she misses that,” Richard said.

Now, one more chance to make sweet memories that will never fade.

“They have been so kind and so good, more than I ever expected,” Jacqueline said. “It’s been a true joy.”

Valir’s Hospice team grants wishes like this to patients throughout the year. They can be big things like a day at the barn or something small like a manicure or dinner at a restaurant.