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OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin has issued an executive order allowing truck drivers carrying propane to exceed their regulated number of hours on the road during Oklahoma’s propane shortage.

The order declares a state of emergency in an effort to deal with shortage of propane available in Oklahoma.

The order also waives licensing requirements for eligible out-of-state propane transporters so they can bring the fuel into Oklahoma.

The governor said extreme winter conditions along and multiple winter storms with significant amounts of snow, ice and freezing rain across the state caused a spike in demand for the delivery of residential and commercial propane gas.

According to Gov. Fallin, many Oklahoma residents depend on propane and the effects of the shortage are being felt across the state.

“This executive order will help make sure that there is enough of a propane supply in the days and weeks ahead until problems are resolved,” Gov. Fallin said.

Propane is commonly used for heating homes in rural areas not served by natural gas.

There are approximately 400,000 propane consumers in Oklahoma, according to Gov. Fallin.

The executive order is effective through Feb. 4.

Governors in 15 other states have issued similar executive orders.