OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – With just weeks remaining in this legislative session, the Governor plans to veto 20 bills as the Oklahoma House and Senate stall on an education plan.

In a letter to Pro Tem Greg Treat, (R)- Oklahoma City and other Oklahoma Senators Thursday, the Governor pledged to veto any and all legislation authored by Senators who do not support his plan on education and tax cuts.

Governor Stitt’s plan includes $300 million for public schools a with a two million dollar cap for each district, a teacher pay raise ranging from$2,000 to $5,000, depending on years of experience, and private school tax credits starting at $5,000 per student, and going to $6,500 per student in year three of the program.

Howver, the Senate is refusing to vote on the plan, saying those education plans as -is should not be expected to pass.

“We agree with him philosphically on many things and we’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with him on school choice and teacher pay raises but we will not be bullied,” said Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, (R)-Oklahoma City.

“We put together a policy that represents everything he espouses. Hopefully he’ll calm down and sober up…look at this through the lens of police and not through the lens of emotion,” he added.

Image courtesy KFOR
Image courtesy KFOR

In response to the plans to veto plans, the Senate voted against two of the Governor’s nominations for his executive cabinet in a late night session of the Senate Rules Committee, including Chad Mariska of Tulsa, previously expected to join as Cabinet Secretary of Commerce, and Kevin S. Corbett, previously expected to serve as Cabinet Secretary of Health and Mental Health.