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NewsChannel 4 has stopped the video so you do not see the actual shooting. However, the content is still graphic.

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – We’re learning more about a deadly officer-involved shooting near an Oklahoma wedding.

According to police, officers were called to an area around a church in the 1100 block of N. 24th St. just before 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Witnesses told officials that a man was making threats against a woman inside the church and was armed.

According to the Muskogee Police Department, Terence Walker Jr. made threats to kill a wedding party member and came to the church with a loaded handgun.

They also say that witnesses told police Walker told the victim that he had a bullet with her name on it.

Police say Walker did not comply with the officer’s demands and hit the officer before taking off on foot.

During the chase, video shows that Walker dropped an item.

According to police, the officer believed the item was a gun.

“It is our belief that the video clearly shows the suspect pointing the gun at the officer,” a release from the police department said.

Witnesses originally said Walker dropped his cell phone.

However, officers say Walker had his cell phone in his left hand and dropped an item from his right hand.

“The video clearly shows that the gun was recovered in very close proximity to the suspect and shows the hammer cocked and a bullet in the chamber,” the release said. “If the suspect were to have fired the gun, the bullet would have been fired in the direction of the officer, multiple bystanders, and toward the direction of oncoming traffic and a residential area.”

Authorities say the officer was well out of range of the 25 foot capability of the taser and that officers are trained to meet a deadly force with deadly force.

“The suspect made a conscious decision to stop and pick up the gun after having dropped it. The suspect made the decision to re-arm himself and subsequently point the gun in a threatening manner towards the officer,” the release read.

Walker died at the scene.

The officer has been identified as Chansey McMillin, who has been with the force since July 5, 2012.

The shooting is under investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of investigation.

It has yet to be reviewed by the Muskogee District Attorney’s Office.

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