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WOODWARD COUNTY, Okla. – Three former faculty members at an Oklahoma school district are facing charges for comments and text messages they allegedly made about female students.

In 2013, Christopher Syms and Reece Lujan resigned from the Sharon-Mutual School District.

Syms was the high school principal and Lujan was the art teacher and softball coach.

At the time, school officials confirmed that Kevin Krows, the basketball coach, had also been suspended.

Now, the three men are facing charges.

According to the arrest warrant in Woodward County, Syms and Lujan allegedly corresponded over text message about female students and their bodies.

“Just heard [victim] say her tongue was on fire. Would it be ok to offer her a lollipop?” the report claims Syms sent via text message.

“In the shape of your penis?” Lujan allegedly responded.

“Yes. Its a cream filled one,” Syms was reported as saying.

During an interview with an OSBI agent, Syms allegedly admitted to looking at a student’s buttocks and genital area when she leaned over his desk.

Authorities say he also texted Lujan about the victim’s body parts and made statements about sex acts he wished to perform with her.

“It shouldn’t be illegal dammit,” Lujan reportedly texted.

“Only illegal if you got caught,” Syms allegedly responded.

“Kinda like us taking these pics. Probably not the most legal thing to do,” Syms reportedly said.

The arrest warrant says the pair discussed taking pictures of students, and Syms even admitted to taking pictures of students’ attire.

In another instance, a softball player asked Lujan where to put the ball, asking where she should “stick it.”

“That’s kind of a personal question,” Lujan allegedly said.

The girl’s parents met with Lujan and Syms about the alleged comments.

The affidavit claims the superintendent spoke with a school board member about Syms and Lujan making inappropriate comments about female students.

The report also alleges that Kevin Krows engaged in a flirtatious relationship with a girl and even talked about his sexual fantasies with her.

OSBI agents claim Krows slapped the girl’s behind while she was standing in the hall of the gym.

Lujan and Syms are both charged with lewd molestation and obscene material via technology.

Krows is charged with sexual battery.

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