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OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s the call no parent ever wants to receive; a child, severely injured at school.

“As a parent, you weren’t there to protect him, not there to make sure he’s okay,” said Eugene Mota.

Witnesses say 14-year-old Tyler Mota was thrown to the ground and beaten relentlessly, while a teacher was taking attendance.

“I think it was more of an attack. A fight is pushing, punching, not busting somebody’s teeth like that with anger,” said Mota.

The Junior ROTC student was taken to the nurse’s office and checked out.

According to an email written by the school nurse, Tyler had several teeth knocked out, his gums were severely damaged and he had teeth penetrating his chin.

Despite the obvious injuries, an ambulance was never dispatched.

Tyler’s dad was outraged.

“They should have called EMSA right away. If he was passed out on the floor, blood everywhere, teeth in a milk carton, what else had to happen for them to call an ambulance?” he said.

Instead, administrators called Tyler’s mother, who works 30 miles away.

Because of traffic and road construction, it took Michelle more than an hour to come to her son’s aid.

“When I saw Tyler in a wheelchair, I just kept shaking. I took him and rushed to St Anthony’s,” said Michelle Mota.

Tyler will need reconstructive surgery and is limited to a liquid diet for the next three months.

The school district is now investigating how this incident was handled, saying, “We are deeply saddened and share the mother’s concerns in regards to her son’s injuries.”

A police report has also been filed.

Assault and battery charges are being considered against the student who initiated the fight.

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