Editor’s note: Graphic video shows gunfire and officers performing CPR on a woman upon whom they returned fire. She later died at a hospital.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (KFOR/Storyful) – Three officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, were responding to a court order to have a woman involuntarily committed for a mental health evaluation. When they tried to get the woman to open her bedroom door, video shows a bullet being fired through the door, hitting a female officer in the chest – but was deflected by her vest camera.

Video at the top of this story starts with officers greeting a man who lived at the residence. He invited the officers inside to transport the woman, identified as Brenda Donahue, 60.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Lauren Ehlke asked the woman to open the door. Donahue is heard replying with something that sounded like, “I’m not opening this door.”

Officer Ehlke tried to explain that she had paperwork for a court order when the bullet fired through the door.

All three officers raced down the stairs and took cover. Officer Brandon Graham says Donahue leaned over the stair railing with a gun pointed toward him, when he shot Donahue in the head.

She collapsed in the stairwell. “Did you shoot her?” the man screamed at officers.

“She had a gun pointed at me, get outside, sir, now!” Officer Graham replied. “Don’t hurt the dog,” the man yelled back.

“She hit my camera. I don’t think it went through, I’m fine,” Ehlke said.

“Open up your shirt, check your vest, make sure you’re not bleeding,” Graham replied.

Officers performed CPR on Donahue until medics arrived, who transported the woman to a local hospital, where she later died.

The incident happened on August 19th of 2022, but police just released the video on January 24th.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations is handling the officer-involved shooting investigation.

Police released a longer description of the incident, which can be found here.