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Warning: Video is considered graphic and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A video from an anatomy class that was posted on social media is now causing concern among some in the animal rights community.

PETA shared the video, which purportedly shows nine students playing with dead cats.

In the video, students are seen dancing with the dead cats to the ‘Meow Mix’ theme song.

According to PETA, the dance was performed in a classroom at Harding Charter Preparatory High School in Oklahoma City.

“If you think of a beloved family pet that you care about that’s ended up being euthanized, then sold to a dealer, and this is how their body is treated, I don’t think anybody would approve of that,” Oklahoma State Director of the Humane Society of the U.S. Cyinthia Armstrong says. “Well, I’m really shocked, I’ve always had a high opinion of Harding.”

Armstrong says that opinion has changed.

“I think it’s really a stain on their reputation and they need to do something to stop this and make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Armstrong says.

Armstrong is asking the school to immediately stop buying euthanized animals and switch to plastic models instead.

She says clearly students are not mature enough for real animals.

On Wednesday, Harding Charter Preparatory High School released the following statement:

“Harding Charter Preparatory High School does not condone the conduct of the students nor does it accept such conduct as appropriate in any setting. We agree that animals should be treated and handled with respect and dignity, a standard that was not upheld in this instance.

The animals seen in the video were purchased from a reputable scientific education company that supplies such animals to other schools. HCP will continue to review its curriculum methods for the purpose of providing the best educational experience for its students within the confines of acceptable scientific standards. We are re-examining our classroom instruction to ensure we meet the high standards to which we hold ourselves. 

“These students made a mistake and they will most likely make other mistakes in their lives…”

These students made a mistake and they will most likely make other mistakes in their lives. Our hope is that they are aware of the effect their conduct has had on their fellow students, community, and school, and that they will learn a valuable lesson about how to conduct themselves in the future as responsible adults.

Again, we find the conduct portrayed in the video unacceptable and not something we tolerate. We hope that the measures we are taking will prevent such conduct from ever being repeated. We are looking at ways to better educate our student body in the treatment, respect, and handling of animals, not only in a scientific environment, but also in a real life setting.”

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