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A metro woman is furious after she says she was brutally attacked by three dogs and the animals were allowed to return home.

Renae Parks says she was at an acquaintance’s home when her husband and the dogs’ owner left her alone with the pets.

At some point, she says one of the dogs began growling at her and latched onto her arm.

“The dog that was on this side of me started growling and barking and let out this howl,” she recalled.

After the initial attack, another dog bit her leg.

As she tried to escape, Parks says a third dog jumped on her and bit her face.

“I said, ‘It’s up to you, Lord. Send someone to rescue me or leave some pieces for my family,” she said.

Fortunately, Parks’ husband and the dogs’ owner returned and were able to stop the attack.

“They’re not bad dogs,” said Vince Strobl, the owner of the dogs.

He says the dogs were locked up in another area and Parks must have opened the door to that room.

He believes that may have prompted the attack.

“They can be as mean as they need to be, but they’ll play with babies too,” said Strobl.

Parks says she spent 26 days in the hospital recovering from several different injuries.

At one point, she says doctors believed the she may lose her arm because the damage done to it was so severe.

“They still have to do another skin graft because I have exposed tendon and muscle,” said Parks.

She is now undergoing therapy to regain the use of her left hand.

However, she says the dogs were simply quarantined by animal control for 10 days before they were returned to their owner.

In addition, the owner was not cited and the dogs were released after testing negative for rabies.

Animal Welfare officials say dogs are routinely quarantined after a bite call.

However, just because they bite does not necessarily mean the dog is dangerous.

“We have to err on the side of caution and make sure we aren’t putting good dogs to sleep,” said Trace Lyons, with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.

They say a different complaint has to be filed in order for a dog to be deemed dangerous.

That complaint has to be decided on by a judge.

In this case, a complaint about the dogs being dangerous has not been filed.

Parks says she was not aware she would need to file anything after the attack.

“I’m an adult and this is what three of these dogs did to me. My big fear is for children or other people. Somebody may not be so fortunate next time,” she said.

Animal Welfare officials say this is not the first time the dogs have attacked.

Strobl says one of his dogs also attacked a neighbor recently after getting out of the fence.

However, he says he has since repaired the fence.

Animal Welfare authorities say a dangerous dog case was opened against Stobl’s dogs earlier this year.

However, the case was dismissed because the person who filed the complaint didn’t show up to court.

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