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WARNING: This video may be considered disturbing to some viewers.  

OKLAHOMA CITY – Video given to NewsChannel 4 from the assistant district attorney’s office gives a first look at how Geneva Robinson used her alter ego, “Nelda the Witch,” to torment her granddaughter.

Robinson was arrested back in 2014 for child abuse and has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences in prison.

It’s a nightmare inside a house of hell.

Video shows Robinson dressed up as “Nelda the Witch.”

“Oh no! She might take the doggies,” a child can be heard screaming.

“I won’t hit grandma! I won’t be mean!” a child can be heard crying.

The trauma just keeps going, and it appears multiple children are in the room.

At one point, Robinson can be heard saying “give me a fork and a knife.”

At another point, a man appears in the video.

“Grandma’s sick because of you! Go with the witch,” he said.

A child can be seen clinging to the mans shirt, which comes off, and it appears to be a man we interviewed back in 2014 named Joshua Granger.

“She never dressed up as a witch to punish any of those kids,” he told us.

Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

Granger was also arrested for his role in the abuse.

He was sentenced to life in prison, and the first 30 years must be served behind bars.

Robinson pleaded guilty to multiple counts of felony child abuse for her actions, which include:

  • pulling on the girl with pliers
  • kicking the girl in the pubic area causing a fracture to her pubic bone
  • striking the girl in her face causing injury
  • scratching the girl on the neck causing injury
  • approaching the girl while she slept and cutting off all of her hair
  • striking the girl in the head
  • withholding food to the extent that the girl had to steal food to eat
  • not seeking medical care for the girl, who was visibly suffering from ringworm
  • keeping the girl from attending school
  • forcing the girl to sleep outside with the dogs
  • cutting the finger of a six-year-old with scissors