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Warning: Content in this video is disturbing to watch.

DEL CITY, Okla. — In a video that was posted to Facebook Sunday morning, you can see a small group of people walk up to an unsuspecting girl who is pushing a baby in a stroller.

The people warn the girl about what is about to happen and tell her to move the baby out of the way.

“I don’t want your baby to get hurt for real,” the boy behind the camera says.

With the baby still in harm’s way, three girls jump the victim, throwing her to the ground, pulling her hair, and kicking her.

But their ruthlessness doesn’t stop there.

A witness driving by sees the beating and gets out to help the victim. You can hear the driver of the car honking the horn.

The suspects yell at the woman to mind her own business. When she doesn’t leave, they start beating her, too.

Then they calmly walk away.

“You should have minded your business,” the boy yells from behind the camera.

Del City Police say they are investigating.

The full video, posted on Sunday morning, was viewed nearly 50,000 times before it was removed from Facebook.