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BRADLEY, Okla. (KFOR) — For the third weekend in a row, the high winds and low humidity created the perfect storm for dangerous flames to spread through Oklahoma on Sunday. 

“With very little moisture in the air, it’s easy to get a fire started and it spreads quickly,” said David Shearer, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. “And of course, the strong winds will fan those flames and cause them to extend much quicker and faster.” 

A grass fire in Tuttle ignited around noon. 

“I’ve never seen a fire like this,” said Judy Marlowe, a Tuttle resident. “I’m 70-years-old and I’ve lived here all my life.” 

The Tuttle Fire Chief confirmed to KFOR that one home was destroyed in the blaze and about 120 acres were burned.

Another grass fire traveled about a mile and a half through Blanchard, according to an official at the scene. No injuries were reported. 

Meanwhile, crews in Bradley have spent hours battling a blaze. 

As of 10 p.m. Sunday night, the flames were still active. 

“It’s pretty scary,” said Taylor Berrington, whose property was burned in the fire. “Normally you don’t think about a fire being this close to your house in the middle of, you know, out here.” 

The Grady County Fire Chief was not available to confirm any of the fire’s details.

What sparked all three of the fires is still unknown.