YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A grassfire in someone’s backyard quickly spread to their home and then their neighbor’s home near West Vandament Avenue and Holly Avenue.

The Yukon Fire Department told KFOR the fire started just before 5 p.m. Saturday afternoon and crews were able to put it out quickly before it spread any further. 

“We were dispatched on a grassfire that kind of evolved into a shed fire. When we got on scene, there was actually a heavy amount of fire,” said Brad Homme, battalion chief with Yukon Fire Department. 

The Yukon Fire Department said a resident was doing maintenance on their fence involving a grinder, which sparked some leaves on fire, and then extended to a fence and a shed. It ended up involving two homes. 

“The fence was directly next to a shed that had quite a bit of just miscellaneous equipment, which was a pretty big fire load. So, the resident, what they thought was kind of a small fire, was able to rapidly advance,” said Homme. 

The equipment around the shed area is now at a total loss. 

“Luckily, our crews were able to get on scene pretty quickly and they did a really great job of just knocking it down and keeping it from extending too much into those homes. So, they were able to minimize the damage to the actual homes,” said Homme. 

One person went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries due to smoke exposure. 

KFOR spoke with the two homeowners affected. They didn’t want to go on camera with us but said the person who went to the hospital was treated and sent home. 

The Yukon Fire Department is reminding residents about how easy it is to spark a grassfire. 

“There’s kind of that misconception that it rained and so everything’s fine and you still have a lot of dry leaves, dry grass. The ground may be wet underneath, but the things on top are still dry. And so, you always want to be leery of that, especially when you’re using torches or grinders or any kind of tools that might have missed sparks in,” said Homme. 

The Yukon Fire Department said the fire was ruled accidental and there’s not any major damage to either of the homes.